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What to wear to Belly Dance class:

You may dress however you feel comfortable. On top it is best to wear something that is not too baggy (It is not necessary for you to expose your belly). Loose pants, shorts, or long skirts are all fine on the bottom. Something you can squat in is ideal. I also recommend you wear a hip scarf so you can feel your hips (there are many available for use by students in classes, and occasionaly we have some for sale). This allows you to gauge your movement. Most students dance barefoot, or wear a half sole dance slipper.

Why learn Belly dance?

Belly dance teaches flexibility as well as the use of the entire body to create isolations. These movements are good for strengthening the core muscles, finding out what your stomach muscles are capable of, endurance and building confidence. This is all combined into a graceful form put to beautiful music. Whether your goal is simply for exercise or to become a performer, classes are designed to fit both of these needs.

Health benefits of belly dance are great for young and old alike. It is low impact and provides comprehensive exercise for all body types. So come dance your cares away, express yourself beautifully, have fun and a very enjoyable workout!

Are the classes for my level?

For the most part all the classes offered currently are fine for beginners but also work for those with intermediate skills. Those with some experience will find the classes helpful in refining skills and learning new combinations and techniques. Megan, the instructor, has studied many different specific styles of belly dance and offers the understanding of each distinct ethnic style as well as use of props such as veil, cane, sword, etc. Each class is tailored to the present participants and may vary in level depending on what the students show an interest in, and new classes may be provided at any time to accommodate growing skill levels.


Do students perform?

Performance is totally optional, but we do have a few venues throughout the year that we have the opportunity to perform at. There is absolutely no pressure to perform but most students seem to enjoy and get a lot out of it, even beginners. We have ordered inexpensive costumes (off ebay) and Megan often lends costume parts to students so no-one has to spend much on looking great. Because we learn choreographies as part of the regular class material, everyone usually knows at least one dance that they can participate in come performance time should they choose to.

Can I join a session anytime?

You are welcome to drop in or start a new package (punch card) at any time, however beginners will want to give ample time before any performance (check the class/events page for exact dates, if none are listed we don't have one coming up soon). Classes are generally drop-in friendly and focused on learning fundamentals and short combos that will build skills for the final choreography. If you are a beginner and attend classes regularly you will be fine to continue and learn any performance dance! Approximately 6 weeks before a performance will usually be dedicated to reviewing choreography/show prep and classes will have been building up to that point. During that time, those with experience can usually jump in and learn it (even if they don't wish to perform) and enjoy the faster pace. Our most common performance times are end of May - end of June (and pre-pandemic we also had one early November that will hopefully be reinstated in the near future). Feel free to contact Megan if you have questions about when to jump into a session.

How do classes progress?

Generally classes are structured so that drop-ins and beginners can join anytime and each class is focused on short combinations and refining certain moves. Later in the session (approx 6 weeks before the show) choreography for a whole dance will become the focus, and the combos we've been learning will be parts of the dance. Each session may focus on a different style of Middle Eastern dance, and requests are welcome.

Do I have a time limit to use class packages and can I come on different days?

You may use them for any day of the week, space permitting, and you keep your credit for
6 months (similar to a punch card system).

Can I pay with a credit card?

You can use a credit card via Paypal (it is possible to pay without having a Paypal account) using the online registration buttons on the events page. Only checks and cash are accepted in person.

Can I try a class before deciding if I want a package?

First time students may pay the drop in fee for your first class and then have a week grace period to decide if you wish to turn it into a package, in which case the first class fee can be applied to the total and the difference paid. The remainder of the package may be paid in cash or check at the next class, or on the events page via Paypal (see the "Did you already come for a drop-in?" button).

Classes are small and personal, size is limited.

Drop-ins are welcome at any class but will be admitted on a first come first serve basis, and we appreciate if you RSVP before attending in-person. Hamsa Arts' studio is located inside a beautiful home in downtown Boulder. Class and workshops in this location are currently limited to 4 in-person attendees.

Some sessions, the evening class is at a nearby studio. See events page for details and registration and notes about when class is at a different location.

Can children join the classes?

Kids are welcome to come to class and have a great time! Usually we find that age 4 and below is too young to stay focused but it is up to parent's discretion. Up to age 6 must be accompanied by an adult, and the kids are half price. Age 7-12 are welcome to attend alone and are discounted $5 off the drop-in rate and $2 off per class in packages. Age 13+ are same rate as adults.
If enough kids want to do a class at the same time we will start up a class just for them.

Can I get a refund for classes and workshops?

Classes are refundable, minus a 20% fee, up to 24 hrs before the class/event date (no refund on the remainder of punchcards after one or more class has been used).
Workshops and special events are refundable, minus a 30% fee, up to 24 hrs before the date of the event. No refund within 24 hrs of event. Credit may be transferred or reused.

Check the events page for all upcoming classes, workshops and other current offerings.

Read about Megan, the instructor.

For more information
or to book Megan for workshops, classes, or performances
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