About Megan Yalkut

Hamsa Design Studio

In 1997, after 12 years professional experience as a graphic designer, Megan Yalkut formed Hamsa Design, a home based design studio offering a wide range of services for print and web, as well as custom art and illustration. The mission of Hamsa Design has always been to provide beautiful, practical, and unique design solutions for print and the internet, as well as offering friendly and personal service to all clients. Getting to know clients and helping to express the personality of each company and individual client is a primary focus at Hamsa Design.

Hamsa Arts

In 2007, Megan changed the name of her company to Hamsa Design & Arts to encompass all that she offers professionally under one roof. Hamsa Arts offers instruction through classes, demonstrations, and workshops as well as performances in traditional and creative arts, world music, and dance. The creative vision of Hamsa Arts stems from the desire to honor and preserve traditional arts around the world. Drawing from these rich traditional sources, Hamsa Arts also encourages and explores individual creative expression and modern experimentation.

Definition of Hamsa

The swan, or Hamsa, is a symbol of great inspiration in Asian tradtions. As the vehicle or seat of Saraswati - the great muse, goddess of inspiration, creativity, art, music, and scholarship - the word embodies all that Hamsa Design & Arts aspires to offer through services, instruction, and presentations.

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