My deep respect for the detail and devotion poured into traditional arts led me to study painting and sculpture in Nepal, Bali, and India for a total of three years, beginning in 1988. I have also dabbled in Manuscript style painting as well as Chinese and Japanese traditional arts. The sacred traditions of the world are a primary inspiration for my art even in my modern experimentation. My intention as an artist is to reflect the beauty and sacredness of life in every detail, and to rediscover the art of patience, that is fading in our fast paced modern world.

-Megan Yalkut

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workshops, lectures and other events.

Megan is available to conduct workshops, classes and private instruction.

The following are among the subjects Megan specializes in:

  • Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain
  • Tibetan Thangka painting & drawing
  • Balinese style painting on paper or canvas
    (using traditional pounded bamboo brushes or water color or acrylic brushes)
  • Indian miniature style painting
  • Manuscript style painting

For Information and bookings contact Megan.


Photo by David Drewry.

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