Dance Orientale - Belly Dance

Classes, Workshops, and Private Instruction offered by Megan:

  • Classroom Instruction, Workshops & Private Lessons at all levels available in the Boulder, CO. area and elsewhere.
  • Learn a variety of styles including cabaret,
    folkloric and gypsy dances, Egyptian styles, Turkish styles, modern fusion, Morroccan, Cabaret & Folk styles, Persian Classical dance


Performance and Demonstration:

  • Middle Eastern Belly Dance Performance or Demonstration available in the Boulder area and elsewhere by hire.
  • Persian Classical Dance Performance or Demonstration available in the Boulder area and elsewhere by hire.
  • Variety of styles including cabaret, folkloric and gypsy dances of Egypt and Turkey, modern fusion... With or without props such as single, double or multiple veil, cane, sword, or Egyptian wings, etc.
  • All family oriented entertainment (no bachelor parties or other such events please).

For more Information and bookings call Megan at 303-449-5030 or email


Megan's Dance Bio

Megan Yalkut has studied Middle Eastern Dance since 1995 with a variety of master teachers in CA and CO, her first primary teacher being the illustrious Alexandra King (voted best instructor in America by The Belly Dance Academy Award Committee, and director of the UC Santa Barbara Midle Easter Studies dance dept.) with whom she studied privately for 4 years as well as attending her group classes at UCSB. In 2007, Megan developed a special love for Persian Classical dance and began studying intensively with master teacher Shahrzad Khorsandi.

Megan's in depth studies of Middle Eastern Dance have included cabaret, folkloric, and gypsy styles from Egypt, Turkey, Persia, Greece, Central Europe, and India. Additionally, she has an extensive background in modern, contact improv, jazz and a 10 yr. foundation in ballet and began performing various forms of dance at the age of 14. Her study of belly dance began with the desire to prepare for child-birth and grew into a great love for the dance as an art form and performance venue.

Megan has performed and taught belly dance and children’s creative movement in CA, CO, IA, VA, and GA as well as studying and performing music and dance in India and Nepal. She is now based in Boulder, CO. Please check the class and events page regularly for updates.


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Students performing at the
International Festival, Rome

Photos by:
Carrie Baker and Jeff Brown

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