"One of the most influential filmmakers making experimental cinema in New York in the 1960s was Jud Yalkut... Since then, Yalkut has gone on to consolidate an enviable reputation as one of the most important metamedia artists in American independent cinema."
-  Wheeler Winston Dixon, in "The Exploding Eye" (State University of New York Press, 1997).

"Jud Yalkut has collaborated in dozens of intermedia performances throughout the United State since 1965, when he became resident filmmaker for USCO at their commune in Garnerville, New York... Yalkut displays a sense of control and orchestration that is the result of working closely with superimpositions within the film frame. Thus in the superimposition of multiple-projection environments he is able to control not only the spatial and temporal dimensions of a performance, but the graphic composition and integrity of the images as well. The result is a 'film performance' in the fullest sense."
- Gene Youngblood in "Expanded Cinema" (Dutton, New York, 1970).

"The work of Jud Yalkut emerged out of the radical, politicized utopianism of the 1960s... Yalkut continues to explore the theme of inner contemplation in 'Vision Cantos' (2000), his most recent video installation, whose title reflects the breaking down of boundaries among disciplines that has characterized all his work... Once again, the viewer is encouraged to perceive the projected image as a total experience."
- Chrissie Iles, Curator, Film and Video, The Whitney Museum of American Art,
from notes from "Dream Reels: VideoFilms and Environments by Jud Yalkut", November 4-December 3, 2000.

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